Liam Ouellette

    Men's Cross Country/Track & Field

    "Our team has the incredible privilege of having a vast, dedicated network of supporters. The friends, family, and alumni of this program provide us with unparalleled experiences and opportunities, both on the track and in the classroom. Travelling and competing across the country, from Virginia to Ohio, is made possible by this community. Our facilities, such as the Bloom Lounge and the soon to be renovated Curry Hicks Cage, are yet another token of our donors' continued support. As a member of this program, my aspirations and achievements would not be possible without this community's efforts. Thank you all for your help in driving this program forward! Go UMass!"

    Greg Desrosiers


    "Being a UMass Football Player is easy when you have a support system like the one we have. The impact that the donors and alumni have on us as not only student athletes but as people beyond sports and even beyond UMass. I will be forever connected to this institution because of the relationships I have made. For example, Jay Bermant, a football alum who has supported me throughout my career here at UMass and will continue to be a big part of my success here. People like him are why this place is so special. So, on behalf of the football team, we would like to give our gratitude to those who have supported us and showed love to this program. GO, GO U, GO U-Mass, GO UMASS!! Thank you again for consistently putting in the effort and showing the dedication to make this team better."

    Shane O'Leary

    Men's Lacrosse

    "Being a lacrosse player at UMass comes with great pride and tradition. Our team has a special culture that has been built through the outstanding support from our alumni and most importantly Coach Canella. It's a special feeling being able to represent what they have built each and every day. We have always been about the team here at UMass and that's what makes our relationships last a lifetime. The UMass Lacrosse family has presented my teammates and I amazing opportunities, and we wouldn't be the team we are today without your constant support. Thank you!"

    Jordan Dean

    Women's Lacrosse

    "Our alumni are the people that have paved the road ahead of us, our friends we'll always have connections too, and memories we'll never forget. They inspire us to keep going and push for the ones that will come after us. I'm so grateful to be a part of the legacy of this program and team. The success we have as a team isn't just about the players on the roster, but all those who have ever been a part of this program and done the work to get it to where it is now. The donations, events, and support throughout the year have a huge impact on the team. In the recent years, our upgraded gear and facilities are something myself and teammates are very thankful for."

    Lauren Dianne Stott

    Women's Swim/Dive

    "The UMass swimming and diving program has given my teammates and I so many opportunities to grow as student-athletes. The generosity of alumni, family, and friends has really helped the team. Being able to go on our Florida training trip has been a huge privilege that we are very grateful for. Having access to better equipment has helped the program develop positively and this team would not be the same without it. We hope to make our donors proud by being dedicated to this team and working harder every day. Go UMass!"

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