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Mark Whipple

UMass Head Football Coach

What a great start to the 2017 UMass Football campaign by welcoming 16 high character and athletic young men to the UMass family. To say that we are excited about the 2017 football season would be an understatement. The reason that we have the ability to continue to expand our UMass family and provide every opportunity for success is because of the incredible individuals representing and investing in our program. As we strive to have a MassImpact year, both on and off the field, we are grateful for the UMass Gridiron Club, our booster club for UMass Football, as it continues to have a MassImpact in the current and future success of the program.

With a rich competitive and championship history, one of only three FBS independent programs in the country and a highly competitive schedule, the UMass football 2017 campaign promises to be a dynamic season.

What we have accomplished thus far in our transition to FBS Division I football and the MassImpact that continues to occur could not be possible without the persistent investment of loyal UMass alumni and friends like you.

Resilient partnerships and financial commitment in our football program, provides unprecedented opportunities for us to continue building upon the extensive football championship tradition.

The UMass football family is united in its relentless pursuit of holistic success. Let’s continue to Unite The Masses by elevating our Passion, Pride, and Support to the next level as we continue to assist in positioning our beloved program for sustainable success. Can we count on you to be a contributing member of our team? For those current members, we sincerely ask that you renew your annual contribution at the next suggested giving level to make an even larger impact this year. For those who are joining the team in 2017, please consider a gift at the First Down Level! We look forward to the MassImpact your investment will have on the success of our program!




The mission of the UMass Football Gridiron Club is to strengthen the University’s football program by encouraging private and volunteer leadership from Minutemen across the country. The UMass Gridiron Club shall support initiatives as requested by the Head Football Coach and the University of Massachusetts Athletic Department.


As the official booster club for the University of Massachusetts Football program, the UMass Gridiron Club seeks to Engage, Educate, and Empower young men to achieve optimal success. The UMass Gridiron Club envisions being the premier athletic booster club locally, state-wide, and regionally. Being a member of this club provides opportunities to collaborate with fellow loyal UMass Football friends and fans in accomplishing the mission and bringing the vision of the club to pass. UMass Gridiron Club members provide financial support as requested to help the Minutemen compete at the FBS level, provide leadership development programming for the student-athletes, and sponsor functions for club members. Funds raised by the UMass Football Gridiron Club go directly to support the UMass Football program. Funding and functions are consistent with the applicable NCAA rules governing booster clubs and their supporters.


Paul Manganaro '87

Tom Mullen '74
Chairman, Fundraising

Anne Manning '87
Chairwoman, Alumni Relations & Communications

Cliff Bolden '00
Alumni Relations & Communications

Bill DeFlavio '72
Chairman, Events

Frank DiTommaso '81
Chairman, Mentoring & Career Development

Mark Tabor '85
Chairman, Membership

Dr. L.A. Love ‘04, '06, '07
Ex Officio |
Twitter handle: @UMASSLOVE


The Gridiron Club needs you in the game. Gifts, no matter the size, make a difference and we need 100% of the UMass Football Family on board.

Red Zone
First Down
Special Event Invitations
Gridiron Club Automobile Decal
Minutemen Club Membership
Ticket Priority Points
In-Season Video Messages from Coach Whipple
Gridiron Club Gift (Different Gift for Each Level)
Opportunity to Purchase Away Game Ticket
Exclusive Access to the Hunt Hospitality Room in the Football Performance Center During Home Football games for You and a Guest
Private Practice
Dinner with Coach Whipple
Comp. Entry to Gridiron Golf Tournament
On Field In-Game Recognition


The University of Massachusetts is committed to building and sustaining a football program that exemplifies competitive excellence both on and off the field while competing at the Division I FBS level that alumni, current and future minutemen will be proud off. The difference between a good program and a great program is the support of its alumni and friends. We need your help to ensure greatness for our beloved UMass Football program.

By making a contribution to the UMass Athletics by way of the UMass Gridiron Club, you can make an immediate impact by assisting to improve the quality of the student-athlete experience that UMass Athletes provides. Your contribution(s) to UMass Athletics Gridiron Club immediately makes you a booster. Once an individual or entity becomes a booster that identity is retained indefinitely, even if involvement with the athletics program ceases.

The University of Massachusetts is committed to operating our athletics program in a manner consistent with the letter and spirit of the NCAA rules. The University will not compromise the integrity of the institution when it comes to rules compliance. Everyone associated with our department is responsible for rules compliance. Coaches, Administration, Boosters as well as Student-Athletes and their family play an integral role in maintaining our institutional integrity.

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For more information about becoming a Gridiron Club member, please contact UMass Athletics Development at 413-545-4290. Thank you for supporting UMass Football!

2017 Schedule

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